Friday, February 16, 2018

The Hours

"Counting the hours."  A figure of speech.  To some, it be a figure of speech denoting something boring.  In this case, however, it be a figure of speech indicating that we are waiting for something coming that is Wonderful!  Are you with me?

Just counting down the hours as
we carry out His will;
wondering how many are
the days that are until...
Making, though, the most of time
allotted by His love
by giving Him the glory that
He is so worthy of!

Yes, counting down the hours while
yet, forward, we advance.
Keeping our eyes on the Cross--
our living to enhance!
Keeping our hands in the hand
of Him Who saves the soul--
such to stay us moving forward,
such to keep us whole!

The hours--they but come and go
while we continue live.
All we need for to continue
does Christ freely give!
Give back to Him your love, your time,
your heart without reserve!
You'll be glad, when that hour comes,
that it is Him you serve!!

How many are the hours?  No man knows!  But the number is less than it was this morning!  And God is right next to us, escorting us through the remaining hours!

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