Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Valentine's Day.
How do I love thee?  Let me count the billions of dollars spent on just this one day!!  Is that how to find out how much I love thee?  Of course not!  And those who base love on such amounts spent have a lot to learn!

More than just a feeling...
more than just a sight...
so much more than the tangible,
yet such still cause delight!
But true love yet would linger
when not felt...seen...or heard;
yes, true love but exists when there
be spoken not a word!

My Valentine for decades now...
my Valentine remaining...
For all the Valentine's behind
have we been merely training?
I know the day my love began
and it continues on...
and I know that my love for you,
it never shall be gone!
Surely we've had ups-and-downs,
but, once more, we remain!
Surely, we've had challenges--
the same be to our gain!
And surely, we have joys--no man
can number the amount!
For we continue love and trust,
and draw from that same Fount!

More than just a feeling...
more than just a sight...
you are the only one I love,
in you do I delight!

I am so blessed to have the Valentine that I have.  Her name is Debby.  God prepared her especially for me.  He knew exactly what I wanted and needed, and He knew that no other woman could put up with me!

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