Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Clouds are rolling in...
Looks like the day will end completely different than the way it began.  That's a good thing.  "Predictable" is often boring.

So beautiful the ebbing afternoon...
Enjoy the sights, for evening comes too soon!
Enjoy the LIFE as long as it will last--
for some will exit this life all too fast!

But in the beauty of the afternoon
everything, it seems to be 'in tune,'
and Jesus even savors it with me
as we come to the magnolia tree.

O His creation none may duplicate.
For it is here for us to celebrate!
I do so knowing that I did my best;
therefore, by His hand, I am so blessed!

Boring?  No.  Never with Jesus!  His Presence is so valuable!  Take the time, MAKE the time to spend with Him each day.  His visits, they so improve this life!

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