Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Morning!!

Sunday morning.  Time for church.
Time to "put in our time" for the week?
Time to spend with our friends before the game comes on?
Time to just do a few things and go on?
If so, you missed it horribly!

The people slowly gather;
they come from all around;
they come with an expecting heart,
they KNOW where to be found!
They gather here for Jesus,
for they KNOW He is here!
And they know that, in this place,
we draw so very near!

"O Jesus, dwell amongst us;

reach out Your loving hand.
Touch Ye but each infirmity;
help us to understand.
But take us far beyond the place
that helps us comprehend,
granting to us but a glimpse
of when these things may end!"

The people slowly gather.

Anticipation grows
about this hallowed service
and all The Father shows!
We KNOW that we shall each receive...
we KNOW--for God is here!
Prepare ye each and every heart
to hear!

Sunday morning.

Time to live.  Time to learn.  Time to love!
Don't let mere "ritual" embezzle you out of the abundant blessings God has waiting for you in His house!

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