Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Starting the day

Getting to the office.
Open the curtains and be thrilled...

Once more in the early-
the colors would amaze!
From here inside the office
across the hills to gaze...
beyond the shallow canyon
unto the mountain range...
O but every day the vision
would behold a change!
And even in the second month
are subtle hints of spring!
Standing at the window be
temptations for to sing!
The Father's precious handiwork
again to come to light;
assuring yet another day
of life with His delight!

Yes, once more in the early,
before the work begins
praise to my Creator God
so naturally begins!
He is so very generous
to share such blessed sight!
Therefore, but all the day in Him
blest songs shall I recite!

What a way to start the day!  The glory of His Majesty before me on the land.  The glory of His Majesty beside me where I stand!  Yes, so very fortunate and blessed are they that have Him in their hearts, and His creation before their very eyes!

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