Saturday, February 10, 2018


God is so good!
Some be tired of hearing it, but I will never get tired of saying it.  BECAUSE IT IS SO TRUE!
God is so good...and He proves it to us anew constantly throughout the day!  And never-ending be the ways He demonstrates!

"O God, You are so good to me,
(and I am not alone!)
I know so very many others
to whom this truth is shown!
Your ways are so amazing, Lord,
while simple be the same;
Your ways are known to everyone
who calls upon Your Name!
But God, You even show Your ways
to them that know You not!
For You proved such to me way back
at my salvation spot!
And even years before I knew
about Your saving grace
I see Your touch upon my life,
I see Your lovely face!

Yes, Lord, You are so good to me,
and ever You will be!
You even give Your Living Blood
to save a crook like me!
So very much behind as I
press on in that of You;
Your goodness fully on display:
behold, my Lord, such view!"

Yes, God is so good!
I will continue to serve Him as He continues to love, lead, bless and provide.  He has wonders prepared that we cannot even fathom, and all He requires is that we give Jesus Lordship over our lives. 

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