Sunday, February 4, 2018


So very often, in this life, we face dilemmas.  We are to pray about these before doing anything else.  Said dilemmas vary as much as all of us do, but we are still to pray AND believe.  That said, what about those times when His answer seems so hard to find?

I pray to God with all I am
until I am "prayed through;"
however, if He answers not,
what is this man to do?
If He answers, it is "yes?"
If not, the answer's "no?"
Sometimes, His answer is "Not yet;"
what reaction then to know?
Such will show in my attitude
as I would yet press on;
moaning and complaining--they must
be completely gone!

Yes, the answer ALWAYS comes
whenever I would pray.
"Yes..." "No..." or "Not yet..." His reply,
I press on anyway.
Perhaps when He sees faithfulness
o'er that which I request,
it will move His heart to move
the way that He sees best?

God--He has the very best--
but surely this I know!
And I am certain, in His time,
the answer, it will show!
And I will serve Him nonetheless,
and follow all the more;
He is my Father and Provider;
I know what I'm here for!

Are you in need of something from God?  Something only He can provide? 
Do you have the patience to wait for His response?  How about the grace to accept it?
There are a lot of things this man has gone through and yet is facing, but I KNOW that He is a faithful, loving God and He has His best in store for me!
Do you know God like this?

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