Thursday, February 22, 2018


Being a tool in the hand of God is often not very popular.  Having one's own book out and a daily page on the internet sometimes causes others to marvel. 
When you are doing it for God's glory, though, it's not always glamorous. 

Once again to verify

to Whom these words belong.
He lets me use them every day,
but it is still HIS song.
He gives them verses, rhythm and
He causes them to rhyme;
and if I try to claim them, they
would fail every time!
But GOD gets all the glory, therefore,
do these words abound!
In all that come from this man's pen
His Presence will be found.
In all that could be said about
a talent that may be,
know it is the Holy Spirit
flowing deep in me!

These precious words that edify

and glorify His Name,
I am but the vessel--from
His heart each of them came!
And I will gladly yield this pen
unto what He should will;
for Jesus tells me when to write
and when I should be still.

I am so blessed!  WE are so blessed...IF we are yielding to His moving in our lives!  For He specifically gifts each of the ones whom He calls, and we are to operate in those gifts, for HIS glory, until He comes again, edifying and glorifying Him.

What are YOU doing until then?

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