Monday, February 19, 2018

More Adoration!

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever time it is, Jesus Christ is worthy of your praise.  Jesus Christ is worthy of OUR praise!
That said, I must sing out

"We lift You up!  We lift You high!
For You are worthy, Lord!
We praise You and we worship You!
In You, we are restored!
We bask in you, we hide in You,
our Fortress and our Strength!
We shall be in Your Presence, Lord,
regardless of the length!

You are holy...You are lovely...
You are all-in-all!
At any and at every time, Lord,
it is You we call!
You love us and You care for us
like not another can;
we depend on YOU, O Lord,
and not on any "man!"

O my Lord, we lift You up!
We worship You always!
We love You, Lord, with all we are--
can any count the ways?
O, there is not another--You are
Christ and Lord and God!
Your each and every facet we
exalt and we applaud!"

Yes, Jesus Christ is worthy of our praise!
Make sure that part of your day, each day, is spent worshiping Him!  There is nothing else like it!

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