Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Just the mention of that word is enough to make most people hit "delete" right now!  But God addressed it quite often, and today He leads me to...

"I worship You with all I am--
my self, my time, my money.
Mentioning the latter turns
much folk away....that's funny!
You give me all I ever am
to worship and adore;
You give me all I ever have--
a portion have I for!

I worship You with all I have--
You give it all to me!
There is NO reason that a portion,
each time, You won't see!
For I would be a selfish man,
withholding what is Yours.
I'm sure some 'attitudes' be something
that Your heart abhors!

I worship You!  In adoration
we so freely give!
We know that, in return, we will
abundantly so live!
A standard set so long ago,
yet so alive this day!
I worship You with all I am--
I know no other way!

God gives.  Period.  He does expect a portion's all His anyway!  But He allows you to keep so much!  And remember, the more you give, the more He continues to provide and bless.  Sowing and reaping.

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