Friday, February 23, 2018

Merely a month

Yes, merely four more weeks.  In the meantime, try to savor the images and intricacies that can only be found in winter...

So subtle be the coat of ice
remaining from the dark;
upon the branches and the twigs
it leaves a lovely mark!
Upon the roads and bridges, though,
its beauty is far less!
We must be very diligent
lest we be in a mess!

Beyond the danger, though, for now,

the silence of the scene
would pique the fascination and
induce a sweet serene!
Pending chores can stand to wait
until the danger goes,
and welcome is the break that is
before more labor knows.

How wonderful--yet more creations

from the Father's hand.
How many, though, would see the ice
and truly understand
that God, Creator of the same,
is perfectly aware?
Do they behold His handiwork?
Do they even care?

Yes, it is so beautiful!  Yes, it is very dangerous!  If you are one blessed to see such a sight as this, I pray that you don't have to drive in it!  If you are driving in it, I pray for you all the more!  Please be careful as we continue to enjoy(?) the rest of winter.  God promises Spring only a few weeks away!


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