Monday, February 5, 2018


Trees, dusted so lightly with frozen wonder...
Hillsides--how inviting such a slide!
Though treacherous and daunting be some of the storm's leftovers, so thrilling and amazing be the rest!

"The remnants of the moving of Your hand--
it's glory be so clear to understand!
Though the same be inconvenient much,
one can't deny the prints of Your great touch!

Sometimes, such be more challenging to see;

often, all one sees is tragedy;
but in this moment as You visit near,
Your handiwork--it is so very clear!"

I know that there is a lot of inconvenience in storms.  Yet life contains them.  It is my prayer that You will be able to see past the trial and obtain the purpose.  (Even if that purpose is to reveal to you the beauty of something you've never seen before.)  As I look back, I realize that each storm I have ever been in has contained a purpose for our greater good.  And don't forget, THROUGH it all, God has You in the palm of His hand.

And God still receives the glory!

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