Sunday, February 25, 2018

Freely, freely...

We are so very blessed! 
Being children of God, dare I say WE ARE SO WEALTHY!
How will that wealth affect you?

How precious are the riches which are
gathered in the heart...
how bankrupt are ones with "things"
with which they can't depart!
True wealth is that which grows much more
as one gives it away;
how many are the fortunate
who grasp such truth today!

The tighter we would cling to "things,"

the more they slip away.
The freer that one is with wealth
the more would come their way!
The closer that we cling to God
the greater be our good...
The plainer that the words become,
the less they're understood?
How precious are the riches--but
they come from God alone!
It is only from His hand
the truest wealth is sown!
See the lessen from The Giver,
emulate the same;
it will bless many hearts and bring
much glory to His Name!

Each of us is blessed with a measure of wealth.  (Wealth meaning something different to everyone!)  There is nothing wrong with wealth.  It is what we do with that wealth that makes the difference.
What are you doing with yours?


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