Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Designated Rest

At some point during the day, (during my day, at least!) there comes a time when 'full-speed' disappears and a 'gentler' pace kicks in.  Fortunately, I serve a loving God Who doesn't mind that a bit!  In fact, He designed that.

Walking even slower now,
but just ahead there's rest.
He gives to them that realize
that, in Him, they are blessed!
He knew the struggles that would rise
and made allotted time;
I see His arms stretched open wide,
into them do I climb!

For there are rests strategically
placed all along the way.
It's not a sign of weakness if
we have to stop and stay.
A sign of great maturity
is knowing when to stop;
it is a thing that must be learned
lest we should outright drop!

"O thank You for the rest You give
to anyone who asks.
For we MUST take of Your great rest
amidst our daily tasks.
Too many are the dangers in
ignoring Your sweet rest!
For You are our Provision and
we are so very blessed!"

Relax.  Rest.  Restore.  It is His command, and there are severe dangers if we do not!  You have God's permission.


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