Thursday, February 8, 2018


The older this world gets, the more intelligent it gets?
No.  The older this world gets, the more intelligence it amasses!
On the other hand, the more I learn about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the more I NEED and WANT to know about Him and His ways.  He honors that and appropriates!

"So many things I do not understand;
but I know I'm secure inside Your hand!
So many rituals I may not know,
still, You direct as to how I should go!
So many are the effigies of You
since You came to me daily in clear view;
so many ways to please You and appease;
You love me, Lord, in spite of all of these!

So complicated can "religion" be,
but You embrace clearest simplicity!
For that is where I best hear Your Own voice
with words that make You and others to rejoice!
For You expect more than "religion" gives,
therefore, the one who clings to You, so lives!
And life abundant is what's greatly known
because, o precious Lord, we are Your Own!

Yes, so many things I do not understand.
Such answers, though, You never will demand!
But You will continue to amaze me so
with what I may not understand or know!"

So blessed we are with a God Who is more interested in our RELATIONSHIP than our RELIGION.  He is our Father...our Savior...our Word...our Holy Spirit...HE IS OUR ALL!

Know Him this day as Your personal Savior.  He will improve your whole life!

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