Wednesday, February 21, 2018


In the center of the storm, there be a certain peace, assurance and glory that can come from only One place!  Do you know what it is?

The glory of One only--

its facets no bounds know!
Just the mention of His Name
to set a place aglow!
O, but recognizing there His Presence
makes it flow within!
Yea, the glory of One only--
oh, so genuine!

The glory of His Majesty

escort us through the day;
it sets the tone of our own hearts
upon the Narrow Way!
Jesus in His glory--may it
even shine to all,
that they be drawn unto the same
by answering His Call!

"Jesus Christ in all Your glory

living in the heart--
Your very Blood to flow, assuring
You will not depart!
We savor Your great Presence
in our our days;
and we exalt You constantly
with never-ending praise!"

A life filled with praise.

A life that's trouble-free?  No.
A life that's full of only blessings?  No.
A perfect life?  No.
But a life containing One to go through everything with us and provide a song within and beyond whatever we may face.  That's Jesus!

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