Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Just the mention of that word is enough to make most people hit "delete" right now!  But God addressed it quite often, and today He leads me to...

"I worship You with all I am--
my self, my time, my money.
Mentioning the latter turns
much folk away....that's funny!
You give me all I ever am
to worship and adore;
You give me all I ever have--
a portion have I for!

I worship You with all I have--
You give it all to me!
There is NO reason that a portion,
each time, You won't see!
For I would be a selfish man,
withholding what is Yours.
I'm sure some 'attitudes' be something
that Your heart abhors!

I worship You!  In adoration
we so freely give!
We know that, in return, we will
abundantly so live!
A standard set so long ago,
yet so alive this day!
I worship You with all I am--
I know no other way!

God gives.  Period.  He does expect a portion's all His anyway!  But He allows you to keep so much!  And remember, the more you give, the more He continues to provide and bless.  Sowing and reaping.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Designated Rest

At some point during the day, (during my day, at least!) there comes a time when 'full-speed' disappears and a 'gentler' pace kicks in.  Fortunately, I serve a loving God Who doesn't mind that a bit!  In fact, He designed that.

Walking even slower now,
but just ahead there's rest.
He gives to them that realize
that, in Him, they are blessed!
He knew the struggles that would rise
and made allotted time;
I see His arms stretched open wide,
into them do I climb!

For there are rests strategically
placed all along the way.
It's not a sign of weakness if
we have to stop and stay.
A sign of great maturity
is knowing when to stop;
it is a thing that must be learned
lest we should outright drop!

"O thank You for the rest You give
to anyone who asks.
For we MUST take of Your great rest
amidst our daily tasks.
Too many are the dangers in
ignoring Your sweet rest!
For You are our Provision and
we are so very blessed!"

Relax.  Rest.  Restore.  It is His command, and there are severe dangers if we do not!  You have God's permission.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Freely, freely...

We are so very blessed! 
Being children of God, dare I say WE ARE SO WEALTHY!
How will that wealth affect you?

How precious are the riches which are
gathered in the heart...
how bankrupt are ones with "things"
with which they can't depart!
True wealth is that which grows much more
as one gives it away;
how many are the fortunate
who grasp such truth today!

The tighter we would cling to "things,"

the more they slip away.
The freer that one is with wealth
the more would come their way!
The closer that we cling to God
the greater be our good...
The plainer that the words become,
the less they're understood?
How precious are the riches--but
they come from God alone!
It is only from His hand
the truest wealth is sown!
See the lessen from The Giver,
emulate the same;
it will bless many hearts and bring
much glory to His Name!

Each of us is blessed with a measure of wealth.  (Wealth meaning something different to everyone!)  There is nothing wrong with wealth.  It is what we do with that wealth that makes the difference.
What are you doing with yours?


Friday, February 23, 2018

Merely a month

Yes, merely four more weeks.  In the meantime, try to savor the images and intricacies that can only be found in winter...

So subtle be the coat of ice
remaining from the dark;
upon the branches and the twigs
it leaves a lovely mark!
Upon the roads and bridges, though,
its beauty is far less!
We must be very diligent
lest we be in a mess!

Beyond the danger, though, for now,

the silence of the scene
would pique the fascination and
induce a sweet serene!
Pending chores can stand to wait
until the danger goes,
and welcome is the break that is
before more labor knows.

How wonderful--yet more creations

from the Father's hand.
How many, though, would see the ice
and truly understand
that God, Creator of the same,
is perfectly aware?
Do they behold His handiwork?
Do they even care?

Yes, it is so beautiful!  Yes, it is very dangerous!  If you are one blessed to see such a sight as this, I pray that you don't have to drive in it!  If you are driving in it, I pray for you all the more!  Please be careful as we continue to enjoy(?) the rest of winter.  God promises Spring only a few weeks away!


Thursday, February 22, 2018


Being a tool in the hand of God is often not very popular.  Having one's own book out and a daily page on the internet sometimes causes others to marvel. 
When you are doing it for God's glory, though, it's not always glamorous. 

Once again to verify

to Whom these words belong.
He lets me use them every day,
but it is still HIS song.
He gives them verses, rhythm and
He causes them to rhyme;
and if I try to claim them, they
would fail every time!
But GOD gets all the glory, therefore,
do these words abound!
In all that come from this man's pen
His Presence will be found.
In all that could be said about
a talent that may be,
know it is the Holy Spirit
flowing deep in me!

These precious words that edify

and glorify His Name,
I am but the vessel--from
His heart each of them came!
And I will gladly yield this pen
unto what He should will;
for Jesus tells me when to write
and when I should be still.

I am so blessed!  WE are so blessed...IF we are yielding to His moving in our lives!  For He specifically gifts each of the ones whom He calls, and we are to operate in those gifts, for HIS glory, until He comes again, edifying and glorifying Him.

What are YOU doing until then?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


In the center of the storm, there be a certain peace, assurance and glory that can come from only One place!  Do you know what it is?

The glory of One only--

its facets no bounds know!
Just the mention of His Name
to set a place aglow!
O, but recognizing there His Presence
makes it flow within!
Yea, the glory of One only--
oh, so genuine!

The glory of His Majesty

escort us through the day;
it sets the tone of our own hearts
upon the Narrow Way!
Jesus in His glory--may it
even shine to all,
that they be drawn unto the same
by answering His Call!

"Jesus Christ in all Your glory

living in the heart--
Your very Blood to flow, assuring
You will not depart!
We savor Your great Presence
in our our days;
and we exalt You constantly
with never-ending praise!"

A life filled with praise.

A life that's trouble-free?  No.
A life that's full of only blessings?  No.
A perfect life?  No.
But a life containing One to go through everything with us and provide a song within and beyond whatever we may face.  That's Jesus!

Monday, February 19, 2018

More Adoration!

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever time it is, Jesus Christ is worthy of your praise.  Jesus Christ is worthy of OUR praise!
That said, I must sing out

"We lift You up!  We lift You high!
For You are worthy, Lord!
We praise You and we worship You!
In You, we are restored!
We bask in you, we hide in You,
our Fortress and our Strength!
We shall be in Your Presence, Lord,
regardless of the length!

You are holy...You are lovely...
You are all-in-all!
At any and at every time, Lord,
it is You we call!
You love us and You care for us
like not another can;
we depend on YOU, O Lord,
and not on any "man!"

O my Lord, we lift You up!
We worship You always!
We love You, Lord, with all we are--
can any count the ways?
O, there is not another--You are
Christ and Lord and God!
Your each and every facet we
exalt and we applaud!"

Yes, Jesus Christ is worthy of our praise!
Make sure that part of your day, each day, is spent worshiping Him!  There is nothing else like it!

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Hours

"Counting the hours."  A figure of speech.  To some, it be a figure of speech denoting something boring.  In this case, however, it be a figure of speech indicating that we are waiting for something coming that is Wonderful!  Are you with me?

Just counting down the hours as
we carry out His will;
wondering how many are
the days that are until...
Making, though, the most of time
allotted by His love
by giving Him the glory that
He is so worthy of!

Yes, counting down the hours while
yet, forward, we advance.
Keeping our eyes on the Cross--
our living to enhance!
Keeping our hands in the hand
of Him Who saves the soul--
such to stay us moving forward,
such to keep us whole!

The hours--they but come and go
while we continue live.
All we need for to continue
does Christ freely give!
Give back to Him your love, your time,
your heart without reserve!
You'll be glad, when that hour comes,
that it is Him you serve!!

How many are the hours?  No man knows!  But the number is less than it was this morning!  And God is right next to us, escorting us through the remaining hours!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Valentine's Day.
How do I love thee?  Let me count the billions of dollars spent on just this one day!!  Is that how to find out how much I love thee?  Of course not!  And those who base love on such amounts spent have a lot to learn!

More than just a feeling...
more than just a sight...
so much more than the tangible,
yet such still cause delight!
But true love yet would linger
when not felt...seen...or heard;
yes, true love but exists when there
be spoken not a word!

My Valentine for decades now...
my Valentine remaining...
For all the Valentine's behind
have we been merely training?
I know the day my love began
and it continues on...
and I know that my love for you,
it never shall be gone!
Surely we've had ups-and-downs,
but, once more, we remain!
Surely, we've had challenges--
the same be to our gain!
And surely, we have joys--no man
can number the amount!
For we continue love and trust,
and draw from that same Fount!

More than just a feeling...
more than just a sight...
you are the only one I love,
in you do I delight!

I am so blessed to have the Valentine that I have.  Her name is Debby.  God prepared her especially for me.  He knew exactly what I wanted and needed, and He knew that no other woman could put up with me!


Clouds are rolling in...
Looks like the day will end completely different than the way it began.  That's a good thing.  "Predictable" is often boring.

So beautiful the ebbing afternoon...
Enjoy the sights, for evening comes too soon!
Enjoy the LIFE as long as it will last--
for some will exit this life all too fast!

But in the beauty of the afternoon
everything, it seems to be 'in tune,'
and Jesus even savors it with me
as we come to the magnolia tree.

O His creation none may duplicate.
For it is here for us to celebrate!
I do so knowing that I did my best;
therefore, by His hand, I am so blessed!

Boring?  No.  Never with Jesus!  His Presence is so valuable!  Take the time, MAKE the time to spend with Him each day.  His visits, they so improve this life!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Starting the day

Getting to the office.
Open the curtains and be thrilled...

Once more in the early-
the colors would amaze!
From here inside the office
across the hills to gaze...
beyond the shallow canyon
unto the mountain range...
O but every day the vision
would behold a change!
And even in the second month
are subtle hints of spring!
Standing at the window be
temptations for to sing!
The Father's precious handiwork
again to come to light;
assuring yet another day
of life with His delight!

Yes, once more in the early,
before the work begins
praise to my Creator God
so naturally begins!
He is so very generous
to share such blessed sight!
Therefore, but all the day in Him
blest songs shall I recite!

What a way to start the day!  The glory of His Majesty before me on the land.  The glory of His Majesty beside me where I stand!  Yes, so very fortunate and blessed are they that have Him in their hearts, and His creation before their very eyes!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Morning!!

Sunday morning.  Time for church.
Time to "put in our time" for the week?
Time to spend with our friends before the game comes on?
Time to just do a few things and go on?
If so, you missed it horribly!

The people slowly gather;
they come from all around;
they come with an expecting heart,
they KNOW where to be found!
They gather here for Jesus,
for they KNOW He is here!
And they know that, in this place,
we draw so very near!

"O Jesus, dwell amongst us;

reach out Your loving hand.
Touch Ye but each infirmity;
help us to understand.
But take us far beyond the place
that helps us comprehend,
granting to us but a glimpse
of when these things may end!"

The people slowly gather.

Anticipation grows
about this hallowed service
and all The Father shows!
We KNOW that we shall each receive...
we KNOW--for God is here!
Prepare ye each and every heart
to hear!

Sunday morning.

Time to live.  Time to learn.  Time to love!
Don't let mere "ritual" embezzle you out of the abundant blessings God has waiting for you in His house!

Saturday, February 10, 2018


God is so good!
Some be tired of hearing it, but I will never get tired of saying it.  BECAUSE IT IS SO TRUE!
God is so good...and He proves it to us anew constantly throughout the day!  And never-ending be the ways He demonstrates!

"O God, You are so good to me,
(and I am not alone!)
I know so very many others
to whom this truth is shown!
Your ways are so amazing, Lord,
while simple be the same;
Your ways are known to everyone
who calls upon Your Name!
But God, You even show Your ways
to them that know You not!
For You proved such to me way back
at my salvation spot!
And even years before I knew
about Your saving grace
I see Your touch upon my life,
I see Your lovely face!

Yes, Lord, You are so good to me,
and ever You will be!
You even give Your Living Blood
to save a crook like me!
So very much behind as I
press on in that of You;
Your goodness fully on display:
behold, my Lord, such view!"

Yes, God is so good!
I will continue to serve Him as He continues to love, lead, bless and provide.  He has wonders prepared that we cannot even fathom, and all He requires is that we give Jesus Lordship over our lives. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018


The older this world gets, the more intelligent it gets?
No.  The older this world gets, the more intelligence it amasses!
On the other hand, the more I learn about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the more I NEED and WANT to know about Him and His ways.  He honors that and appropriates!

"So many things I do not understand;
but I know I'm secure inside Your hand!
So many rituals I may not know,
still, You direct as to how I should go!
So many are the effigies of You
since You came to me daily in clear view;
so many ways to please You and appease;
You love me, Lord, in spite of all of these!

So complicated can "religion" be,
but You embrace clearest simplicity!
For that is where I best hear Your Own voice
with words that make You and others to rejoice!
For You expect more than "religion" gives,
therefore, the one who clings to You, so lives!
And life abundant is what's greatly known
because, o precious Lord, we are Your Own!

Yes, so many things I do not understand.
Such answers, though, You never will demand!
But You will continue to amaze me so
with what I may not understand or know!"

So blessed we are with a God Who is more interested in our RELATIONSHIP than our RELIGION.  He is our Father...our Savior...our Word...our Holy Spirit...HE IS OUR ALL!

Know Him this day as Your personal Savior.  He will improve your whole life!

Monday, February 5, 2018


Trees, dusted so lightly with frozen wonder...
Hillsides--how inviting such a slide!
Though treacherous and daunting be some of the storm's leftovers, so thrilling and amazing be the rest!

"The remnants of the moving of Your hand--
it's glory be so clear to understand!
Though the same be inconvenient much,
one can't deny the prints of Your great touch!

Sometimes, such be more challenging to see;

often, all one sees is tragedy;
but in this moment as You visit near,
Your handiwork--it is so very clear!"

I know that there is a lot of inconvenience in storms.  Yet life contains them.  It is my prayer that You will be able to see past the trial and obtain the purpose.  (Even if that purpose is to reveal to you the beauty of something you've never seen before.)  As I look back, I realize that each storm I have ever been in has contained a purpose for our greater good.  And don't forget, THROUGH it all, God has You in the palm of His hand.

And God still receives the glory!

Sunday, February 4, 2018


So very often, in this life, we face dilemmas.  We are to pray about these before doing anything else.  Said dilemmas vary as much as all of us do, but we are still to pray AND believe.  That said, what about those times when His answer seems so hard to find?

I pray to God with all I am
until I am "prayed through;"
however, if He answers not,
what is this man to do?
If He answers, it is "yes?"
If not, the answer's "no?"
Sometimes, His answer is "Not yet;"
what reaction then to know?
Such will show in my attitude
as I would yet press on;
moaning and complaining--they must
be completely gone!

Yes, the answer ALWAYS comes
whenever I would pray.
"Yes..." "No..." or "Not yet..." His reply,
I press on anyway.
Perhaps when He sees faithfulness
o'er that which I request,
it will move His heart to move
the way that He sees best?

God--He has the very best--
but surely this I know!
And I am certain, in His time,
the answer, it will show!
And I will serve Him nonetheless,
and follow all the more;
He is my Father and Provider;
I know what I'm here for!

Are you in need of something from God?  Something only He can provide? 
Do you have the patience to wait for His response?  How about the grace to accept it?
There are a lot of things this man has gone through and yet is facing, but I KNOW that He is a faithful, loving God and He has His best in store for me!
Do you know God like this?