Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Your Touch

The touch of God.
Those familiar with it desire to NEVER be without it!  Those to whom it be foreign be yet unaware of the wonder of it.  The wonder of HIM!

"So holy and so mighty,
regardless time or year!
Of Your awe and spectacle,
but time can't interfere!
We see the Majesty and Glory,
(we who look for such!)
and as we contemplate creation,
Lord, we feel Your touch!
We feel Your touch and know that You
retain complete control...
we feel Your touch and know that, such,
it makes life to be whole...
we feel Your touch and know we are
protected in the fray...
That Touch for to encompass as
we follow on The Way!

So holy and so mighty,
so tangible and true;
oh God, we place our confidence
and trust in only You!
You were the God, the One true God,
You are and You will be!
Our Everything will You remain
throughout eternity!"

The touch of God.  Learn of it.  Seek it.  Know it.  Pursue it!  For it becomes more valuable and endearing the older you get.

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