Thursday, January 4, 2018

Word for a friend

'Tis the season! 'Tis the season??
I will love you. I will listen to you. I will pray for you.  But when there are things in your life that YOU have to do, you must do them because no one else can!  Your friends will do their part...God will do His part...but you must do yours.

So many are the issues in my life.

So abundant be the stress and strife!
I differ not from others, this I know;
and "through" this pending valley must I go.
There are decisions I don't want to make...
There are roads I do not want to take!
The sooner, though, that I get on the path,
the sooner disappear frustrating wrath.

The path ahead is somewhere I've not been.

However, it is one I must begin.
For God will do His part as I do mine.
He sees it all, and He is so divine!
I must trust Him more than I trust friends.
He will forgive, provide, and He will cleanse.
That which I know I must leave all behind,
and, to the plan that HE has, be resigned.

There are so many people in my life that love me.  That does not excuse me from doing what must be done.

Jesus is in my life and He loves me more than all those people!  But He still expects me to do what He is leading me to do.
I have no idea what it will be like in that place, but it must be better than this or He would not lead me there.
Please pray for me, mine every step!

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