Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Soaring wings.
Implements that set us free.
"Come quickly, o Lord!"

Taking flight upon this glory day;
nothing to impede in any way!
The very awe and spectacle of flight!
So very deep within that great delight!!

But taking flight for to escape once more.

Above the pain and problems freely soar.
Knowing they cannot affect me here,
I savor this time--o so very dear!

Above predicament and paradox,
there be great freedom, and not any shocks!
Is any of this possible at all?
MOST CERTAINLY!  The Name of JESUS call!

Jesus Christ be our wings.
He may not cause those problems and diseases to go away immediately, but He WILL immediately provide so great a peace that will enable you to rise, perhaps even fly, above them while He takes care of them.
Please don't miss your flight!

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