Friday, January 26, 2018

What if...

What if the answer doesn't come
before more time is gone...
What if His answer is "Not yet..."
will you continue on?

What if the money's gone before

all of the bills are paid?
Will you then have the patience to
behold His hand displayed?

What if the pain won't go away
when you and Jesus talk?
At His every word from then
will you be prone to balk?

Tough questions.  Painful questions.  REAL questions.  And if you are looking for some real answers in this poet's words, you're probably only going to find suggestions...and HOPE!  For even I must still sometimes ask hard questions.  Things don't always happen in my life the way I think they should...the way I think HE should!  But He ALWAYS answers!
Keep praying.  Keep asking.  Keep hoping and believing!  JESUS NEVER FAILS!  And His timeline is something not one of us can fathom!

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