Sunday, January 14, 2018

Weather or not

Snowflakes this morning.
So beautiful to menacing to others.
But right now, early in the Ozarks, so peaceful.
So many plans did the day contain.  Some will go on...with those pressing through whatever the weather...some will be postponed, as those involved be concerned about the safety of others and themselves.  Still other plans will be attempted--at a lesser speed and a much greater concern!
In it all, God is fully aware and keeps watch upon us.
Whatever your plans be for the day--be they continued, postponed or done with great caution, make sure that you involve God in those plans!  For He creates this wonder, and whether the weather be a marvel or a menace, He is still in control and deserves our respect, allegiance and attention.
Yes, whatever the weather, God is God, He is still in control, He loves us and we are His heart's matter what happens.

Whether the weather is cold,

or whether the weather is hot,
no matter the weather, we'll weather the weather
whether we like it or not.

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