Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Again, the GOODNESS of God comes to mind and heart as I sit at the keyboard.  Another "season" of celebrating Jesus is behind us, but the "constancy" of celebrating Him never ends!

Blessings come to visit us-
we celebrate, then they leave...
but blessings of the visits we,
yet constantly, receive:
the laughter with the grandkids as
they open gifts and play...
the heart-talks with the grown-kids
that live too far away!
The fellowship, discussions,
the time with God above...
and that which ties it all together:
genuine true love!

Blessings come to visit us,
and those who visit yet.
Each of them a precious gift,
from Father God, we get!
Those gifts manufactured and
obtained in any way,
are secondary to the "presence"
only time can pay.

So grateful to God for the precious time spent together on holidays...on ANY days!  Sure, it may cost time...travel... sacrifice...but it will produce memories that certainly outweigh the costs.  And we continue to celebrate Jesus and the goodness of God!

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