Saturday, January 13, 2018

Time Spending

"Another week of God answering prayer."
Another week of telling folks what God has done in so many lives we know.  Which is very good!  But how much of that week have I spent in His Presence alone, talking...listening...glorifying...observing?

Walking with God once more, hand in hand.
I fathom things life cannot understand.
I know a love impossible to know.
And in His holy Presence do I grow!

Not always be there dissertation coarse.
So often laughter be in Our discourse!
Sometimes there is sweet silence in Our walk;
and, mostly, it is "ordinary talk."
That may be hard to grasp by learned men.
They are schooled--it must be complicated then!
Chosen wisely must be every word
for communication to be heard?

But I will walk, and God & I, we will converse.
No written prayer...naught to rehearse.
We laugh, We listen, We communicate;
and when We "part," I know the day be great!

I know that I am told to bring my requests to Him, to cast all my cares upon Him, to study His Word and know it in my heart, but I must also go to Him just to simply be in His Presence!  Such has value, too.  In fact, such is VERY necessary!  Make that time to simply visit with Father God in "casual" conversation.  He looks for that from all of His loved ones.

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