Monday, January 15, 2018

The Congregation

Life.  ABUNDANT life!  We have each other...we need each other...and it would probably shock us to find out how close that one is that is crying out...reaching out for what they may see in us!

The congregation gathers-
from every room they be.
Each would bring a testimony,
each a melody;
each to gather in His Name,
His glory and His grace;
each to demonstrate His love
in word and in embrace!

And the congregation gathers
to listen to His voice.
The Presence of His Holy Spirit
makes us to rejoice!
For He IS cause to gather, He is
cause to celebrate!
He is cause for us to focus
on His Word--so great!

The congregation gathers
for God's Word--so alive!
For He's already here!  We don't
wait for Him to arrive!
Adorn Him as you gather!
He is worthy of all praise!
Adore His glory Presence as
He shows, anew, His ways!

The congregation gathers. 
I had one ask me in town the other day what the point was in "wasting" so many hours at church.  Taken aback, I asked him why he thought that time is "wasted" there. 
"You sit there.  Sing.  Give money.  Listen to someone talk.  Go home."
I realized, as I heard his statement, that his words were completely devoid of life! 
I asked him if that was all he ever got out of church.
"I've never been to church, but I've seen it on TV."
Yes, such is a very wide open door!  I gave him our card and challenged him to "waste" his Sunday morning and join us.
Suddenly, he remembered that he was late to get somewhere.
Please pray for him!

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