Monday, January 29, 2018


"Here I stand before Your people,
(not just one or two!)
They are expecting to hear words
that I receive from You!
They know it may be something I
have hidden in my heart...
they think I tap the memory
to make these verses start.

But God, it's not time for that now,
I need Your words anew!
I've pencil and I've paper here-
just show me what to do!
What do YOU want these words about?
What would YOU have me say?
What is there to record to help them
on the narrow way?

Here I stand, Lord; here am I
availed to You alone.
I would that YOUR great wisdom,
Your great insight, Lord, be known!
I'll not recite the memorized,
but wait afresh for You;
as that which YOU bring forth will say
what we must surely do!"

I stood at the pulpit and cried out those words as He reminded me about what I had become dependent on.
God gave us His Word to know what to do and say whenever.  God blesses some with words of wisdom to share with folks and encourage them in what to do and when.  God blesses this man with words of wisdom...words of encouragement...words of knowledge, etc.  But this man has/had become reliant upon MY memory...Myself.
"Father, please forgive me!  Thank You for this reminder.  And I promise that it is ALL for YOUR glory, and when You want me to speak or write, You will reveal that to me then and there.

In JESUS' Name,

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