Sunday, January 21, 2018

Refill again!

Truly, we are in this world.  We are not, however, OF this world!  Too, being IN this world can take a lot out of us.  However, God provides so many opportunities to fill back up and be ready and available for Him!

Again to the retreat.
Like-heart, like-minded meet.
We worship and receive
from Whom we do believe!
The songs so elevate
and draw to Him--so great!
No greater such retreat
to make the day complete!

Again to the retreat

where ALL are free to meet!
And them that are not here?
O compel them "Come ye near!"
No issue to prevent.
On ALL God's love be spent!
He draws them through our life
that they may escape the strife!

How blessed, this retreat!

With exuberance, so greet!
Treasure what you receive
from Christ Whom we believe!
But share the same so free!
You are a tool to be
inside of His great hand
to help ALL understand!!

How beautiful it is to gather with those who desire to seek more of God!  Of a truth, all it takes is to call out His Name wherever you are, but there is something beautiful and special that happens when we gather in one accord!  Enjoy it, because life is not always in that same accord outside of this place!


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