Tuesday, January 16, 2018


What do you do when ultimatums are given and you are facing life-changing decisions?
Who do you turn to in those moments to seek counsel regarding such decisions?
I know the answer.  Do you?

"I promised I would love you

'for better or for worse.'
Such vow and such commitment
no heart could e'er 'rehearse!'
And no heart could rescind such vow
if valid be 'true love;'
but now be some demanding such
that few be aware of.
They stood beside us on that day
and vowed they would support.
'For better or for worse,' we said;
their blessing now falls short!
'In sickness and in health' now comes,
our love, though, would remain.
Those beside demand us 'part'
for their own selfish gain!

I promised I would love you--

I meant it then AND now!
For I must overcome the voices,
honoring God's vow!
I know that it is challenging--
'for better or for worse...'
Help me stand upon that promise and
not yield to ANY curse!"

I may know WHO to turn to, but I may not know what the answer will be.

One so very close to me is very sick and will need long-term care unless God intervenes.
Another, even closer, is being advised to leave the sick one so to maintain a quality of life.  God help them both.
And please pray for the ones that are demanding a parting of ways.  Selfish hearts can be so damaging and destructive!  

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