Saturday, January 27, 2018

Press on yet!

Once in a while, each of us must STOP!  We must look inward and keep check on our motives, emotions and outlook.

"As I attempt, the world about me, please,
Your very love--it brings me to my knees!
It causes me abandon such a lie!
All bribery and falsehoods to defy!

As I attempt, the Word of God, to live,
the tools to do so You so freely give!
You make me to desire all Your ways,
and cover with a canopy of praise!

As I attempt?  But efforts do not earn!
You gift me mightily do I so learn!
No efforts of my own to gain Your grace-
as You are here, and I am in embrace!

I shall not seek to please a dying place!
I will stand firm as I look in Your face!
And victory will come to me for sure
because You have enabled me endure!"

It's a battle.  But it is not OUR battle!  The battle belongs to the Lord...AND HE'S ALREADY WON!  WE have already won!

We must still press on until He tells us otherwise, but we do not press on alone, and we do not press on empty-handed!

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