Monday, January 29, 2018

No Contest!

"You are the very ultimate!
For there is none like You!
You reach down and You raise us up
so we behold Your view!
Too long has been our outlook with
not too much to enjoy,
but Jesus Lord, You raise us up,
Your mercies to employ!

Your mercies to employ!
Your mercies to employ!
You even smile at us, making
us to each enjoy!

You are the very ultimate,
there NEVER be another!
You grant sweet glimpses of that time
when ALL be known as "brother!"
We glimpse them just enough to make us
press on in Your strength;
You assure us we can make it there
no matter what the length!

No matter what the length...
no matter what the length...
We KNOW that we shall see Your glory
as You grant us strength!

You are the very ultimate--
we see You with the heart!
Jesus, You are coming back
and, in You, we've a part!
You have a part in us, as well,
as we press on to You!
Come quickly!  Yea, come quickly, oh
ye blessed rendezvous!!"

As we daily behold this life trying to outdo itself every time it turns around, we cling to the truth that GOD has already done the greatest, and there is no way, no reason or rhyme to attempt to outdo Him!  Just ACCEPT Him!  Cling to Him with all you are and abandon that daily contest that so wears you out!!  God has already accomplished it, and there will be no other.

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