Sunday, January 28, 2018


Darkness?  Feel like you're all alone?  No one to talk with?  No one to listen to you?  Just look up...

Upon a hill, beneath the stars
with 'city' far away,
I revel in the masterpieces
God has on display!
Nothing to affect the darkness
and the lights that come:
planets, stars and constellations--
glory be the sum!!

Find this location often and
behold His Presence real!
Creations that the light of day
would outshine and conceal.
For in the glory of the night
in quiet and in calm
you can count the many 'lights'
He holds inside His palm!

O what peaceful time in a place where nothing is visible...lest you look up!

When you feel like or it seems that your life is total darkness, LOOK UP!  Call out to God, creator of every shining thing in the sky, and He will bring His Light to wherever You are!
Yes, He loves you THAT much!
Sure, He made the stars to behold in the dark of night, but He never intended that darkness to be inside of you.
Yes, He loves you THAT much!

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