Thursday, January 18, 2018

Living in the "times" that are

"The days are evil."
We hear that from almost every minister we hear.  There ARE good days, but are the days we are in any more evil than the days that were?

But now it seems, more than before,

more than in time at all,
the Lord must undergird due many
opportune to fall!
Temptations are at every hand,
(and growing more each day!)
but stalwart be that same command:
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Jesus Christ--blest sustenance
in situations all!
Sweet Word, so living, so alive,
against naught shall befall!
The days that are--but be they worse
than were the days before?
But greater be the opportune

to bow before the whore!

Blest Jesus--our Redeemer and
Protector from the day!
But stay the path He has you on--
the Straight and Narrow Way!
And time--it will get better not
until that Trumpet Blast!
O stay in The Word, stay The Course
until you breathe your last!!

Life goes on.  Time goes on.  Life may change its course on you, but time will not change at all.  It will continue until God says otherwise!  The "times" may change, but that usually is not for our benefit.
"Make the most" of the time allotted you in this life?  No.  Do the best you can for His glory and the benefit of others in the time allotted you in this life!

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