Monday, January 8, 2018

Hope and more!

We have hope in victory!
We have hope in victory?
NO!  We are assured victory!!
Jesus Christ is That Hope and That Victory and He is ASSURANCE!

There is a hope that carries me

but all the day throughout.
Regardless what the day would hold,
I stand and do not doubt!
I can do this because I'm a
possession of The King!
He's MORE than hope, and I know He
takes care of everything!

There is a hope that is residing

with HIM to reside!
It's deeper than mere 'feeling' and
it never will subside!
So opportune the obstacles
that seek to hinder me,
oh, but that Hope so very sure
sees what I cannot see!

Yes, there is a hope that's certain and

He's in complete control!
His love for ALL is perfect and
He even saves the soul!
Oh, cling ye, one and all unto
this Hope that I have found,
and see, in your own life, the blessings
to be surely found!

Where is your hope?

WHO is your hope?
He desires to be the Living Hope that you trust in and rely upon constantly!  Yes, even you!

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