Sunday, January 7, 2018

"Guard my lips!"

Whoa!  What a challenge!
But such was the challenge from the pulpit this morning.
Is it possible?  Of course it is, lest the task would not be given us!  But for this writer, it will take great effort!

How often does this man complain
without a second thought?
When I'm in conversation, what be
subjects that are wrought?
Even the most private words
with those few very near--
is my verbiage edifying,
or does my mouth smear?

Too challenging a challenge,
Too only utter grace?
More healing and more wonderful
would then become this place!
Again, it's not impossible,
lest He would dare us not!
O pray for this man all the more,
a challenge have I got!

O the many opportunities(?) does this man have to complain, gripe, whine and spew forth that which be contrary to HIS desire!  An audience of hundreds, if not thousands, to hear or read something other than grace, hope and love.  A challenge?  Yes.  But greater the rewards for a heart filled with honor and edification!
Join me in this challenge!

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