Saturday, January 20, 2018

First off...

Early again.
The day is so very bright as the sun rises over the hills.
What will your day contain?

The glory of the sunlight starts my day!

What shall be on the straight and narrow way?
I have plans and ideas for each hour,
but God has plans, and He's the greatest power!
As life beholds the brilliance of His light,
He is revealing part of this day's plight;
but one thing different about my Closest Friend--
He, too, can see and know the very end! 

I rest in knowing that He sees it all.
I boldly go, then, following His call!
I follow Him because He knows what's best,
and I know, along the way, I will be blessed!

It's early in the day.
Some already have the day planned and know exactly what they want to do...but will those plans happen exactly as planned?
Others know very little about what they will do.  But both may cry out "Lord, not my will but Yours be done."
Whichever you are, take time to include Jesus and enjoy Him along the way!  He is right there beside You!

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