Friday, January 5, 2018

Exuberant care!!

When I sat down at the desk this evening, I noticed a message from some very dear friends.  He was expressing concern about not being able to visit with us for our "morning fellowships" for the past few weeks  After describing four visits to that dental building in "Little Shop of Horrors," he turned each visit around and pointed out the goodness of God!
After describing ALL that, he took a few paragraphs to express their concern for Debby & I and suggest ways that they could help.  Not just "How are you guys doing?" but "How can we help?  What can we do?"

How flippant has myself become  
in ordinary talk?
My words be 'merely words' how oft
in my daily walk?
How often do I mean it when
I'm saying "How are you?"
Do I really seek the answer
from a heart so true?

How dangerous have I become
by saying "I belong!"
For if I will not give my heart
then I am surely wrong!
As a representative
of Jesus Christ above,
I must make certain every word
is filled with truth and love!

Thank you, Lee.  Tonight's little letter from you guys contained words that really went deep.  In your words, I realized how petty some of my "problems" are, and reaffirmed, yet again, Who is in control of all of them!
"God, forgive me!"

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