Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Even though it's cold...

Look around.

Day is here--I choose to celebrate!

The melting snow and ice--they look so great!
The beauty of the makings of His hand
reveals how little I to understand!
But I understand such beauty is from God!
He does so much that makes me to applaud!
He gives me sight for to behold His grace
that He creates so freely every place!

Day is here--rejoicing is a choice!
I do so as I freely lift my voice!
It comes with ease as I but look around
and see His sights and hear His hallowed sound!
O what a day!  I join Him at His task.
How is such glory?  O, but I don't ask!
I only savor as He walks with me
in fellowship--so wonderful, so free!

Day is here.
There are countless reasons to avoid it.  Ignore them!  We cannot avoid it anyway.  I know that it is often a struggle.  I know that it is often painful!  But more often than that, it is wonderful as we submit to Him and savor that which He has in store for us!

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