Wednesday, January 10, 2018


In different stages of different parts of the different times of the year, there be life going on--life that may not have been as planned.  There is, however, at all times and in all places, One to Whom we may cling!

So gray the afternoon;
the stillness will end soon;
the peace that we all know
may be enrobed in snow!
And in gray to abound,
there's not color found.
And however be the day, 
One knows its every way!
For God is just as real
in what we want not feel.
Though 'weather' be converse,
His hope do we rehearse,
and such to drive us on
until the storm be gone!

Though gray the afternoon,
the negative ends soon!
And life will be restored
by Him Who we call "Lord!"

Sometimes, the sky above is not always blue and bright.  Often, it be filled with dark and fright!  The storm threatens. 
This writer could pen several verses about how beautiful and promising it is and the life that will abound after the storm, but it is not perhaps time for those words right now, as there be so much pain, loss and injury that is STILL happening!

But this writer will implore you to do all that you can do, let God do the rest, and CLING TO HOPE!

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