Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Call it SIN!

But the world calls it other things!  To some, it's just part of 'business..." to others, it is a way of life...to still others, it is expected of them because of ________...  All excuses.

As I attempt, the world about, to please,

Your very love--it brings me to my knees.
It causes me abandon such a lie!
All bribery and fraudulence defy!

As I involve myself with life so vast,
but say, what kind of shadow will I cast?
How shall this man be known unto all?
But greater--what name will my Father call?

And as I ponder choices that abound,
to God I cry that, guiltless, I be found!
Too many means to cause this man to fall;
thus, constantly, unto Him, I must call!

The older I get...the more advanced this world gets...all the more opportunities to commit even the most minor sin.  The longer I live, the more this world turns a blind eye to those things once considered SIN!  To One, however, they are still considered sin...no matter who I am, how old I am or what position I may hold!
"...lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil," regardless what the world's standards may be.

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