Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Bringing it back

Yesterday morning, I saw an incredible spectacle in the sky and attempted to write about it.  Today, I am reminded once more that Creator God puts just as much time, spectacle and wonder into each and every one of us.  And He cares more for us!

"I witnessed Your great wonder in

the early yesterday.
I reveled in amazement at
the glory on display!
But, in Your Presence, Lord, I'm minded
greater be to say:
I know Your glory majesty
at ANY time of day!

Your great and grand creations are
spectacular in grace!
But they pale in comparison
when I look in Your face!
The time...the place...the angle for
the ultimate in sight
cannot exceed Your Presence, Lord,
Your wonder and delight!

Far greater than to say that I

saw history unfold,
is knowing I know its Creator,
and His love--so bold!
Yes, thank You for the wonders You
display for us to see,
but thank You more that You're related
unto such as we!"

Yes, do all that you can to behold wonders that may be once in a lifetime.  They produce such amazing memories!  Just don't forget that the Maker of those wonders is all about you at all times, just listening for your voice, and looking forward to spending time with you!


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