Saturday, January 20, 2018


Have you ever been in a meeting or a situation where the atmosphere seems like you could cut it with a knife?  I am not one of those types very often, as I can usually find a way to diffuse it and keep the conversation flowing.
However, I was in a room the other day with about ten people, and I had to escaped to my "pad..."

In a room with others,

yet feeling all alone;
seeking conversation--
no intercourse be known!
The only thing communicated
be pure attitude!
Speaking, on occasion, lest
the view be misconstrued.

In a room with others...

Or is silence what is needed
in this place for now?
I must rely on godly wisdom
to know what to do;
I must call on the Holy Ghost,
this atmosphere renew!

What do you do if you are in one of those meetings?  Play on your phone...doze off...find something to read? 

What if that gathering is with your own friends?  With your own family?  How do you escape then? 
Perhaps, the greater question be "What does God have me here to do or to learn?"
THAT'S a painful question.  Perhaps an even more painful answer?

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