Wednesday, January 24, 2018


I am a child of the King.  I have God's Own Word to direct my path.  I have His voice as a constant guardian and guide.  I still must remind myself

I am situated in
a place that He has made.
A position spiritual,
and seldom it's "displayed."
I've intimacy with God Himself,
that is like not another;
that which we partake of, it be
closer than a brother.

I have a choice but every day
in every situation:
to do things in my selfish ways
or trust in that relation.
His ways--they are above my own,
and He knows what is best!
For I must know submission and
I know we will be blessed!

BECAUSE of opposition, I
am led in righteousness;
I want to know His thoughts and ways,
lest, surely, I regress!
I'll lower not myself unto
the enemy's bane ways,
but I will cling unto HIS heart,
so HE receives all praise!

A very Narrow Way it is...but it's not an impossible way! 
You can't feel Him leading you?  ASK!
You don't know which way to go?  ASK!
You don't know who you are in Christ?  ASK!
He is more than willing to talk to you and remind you of these wonderful promises!
Surely He wants to hear your voice...often!...but there is a whole Book of these wonderful reminders and promises!  It is called The Bible.  And He expects you to read it quite often!  It is full of hope, joy and wonder!

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