Friday, January 12, 2018


This life contains so many diverse situations and circumstances.  Do you only involve God when you get into one that is challenging?  I certainly hope not!

Situations--higher than any man?
How to solve them--such be in His hand.
I cannot change reactions of another;
nor can this man fully understand.
I must, however, stay in contact with Him
if I am to know success at all.
For if I take each situation on me,
there will be a point where I will fall!

Situations--He's aware of each one.

He has the perfect answer for them all.
Even though we fathom very little,
He still answers us whene'er we call.
So regardless of the situation facing,
do not ignore that line that is direct,
that line of prayer that we have with our Father;
whence come those answers we may not expect!

God is yearning for you to bring those situations to Him!  Of course He is already aware of it all, but He wants to hear it from YOU!  Just like any close relationship, love is certainly there, but it should be affirmed and reaffirmed often!  That's what God wants to hear from you.  And not just when you need or want something!  He desires to converse with you all day long...about everything!


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