Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Bringing it back

Yesterday morning, I saw an incredible spectacle in the sky and attempted to write about it.  Today, I am reminded once more that Creator God puts just as much time, spectacle and wonder into each and every one of us.  And He cares more for us!

"I witnessed Your great wonder in

the early yesterday.
I reveled in amazement at
the glory on display!
But, in Your Presence, Lord, I'm minded
greater be to say:
I know Your glory majesty
at ANY time of day!

Your great and grand creations are
spectacular in grace!
But they pale in comparison
when I look in Your face!
The time...the place...the angle for
the ultimate in sight
cannot exceed Your Presence, Lord,
Your wonder and delight!

Far greater than to say that I

saw history unfold,
is knowing I know its Creator,
and His love--so bold!
Yes, thank You for the wonders You
display for us to see,
but thank You more that You're related
unto such as we!"

Yes, do all that you can to behold wonders that may be once in a lifetime.  They produce such amazing memories!  Just don't forget that the Maker of those wonders is all about you at all times, just listening for your voice, and looking forward to spending time with you!


Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse!

Yep.  That's what THEY called it!

Again, Your glory and Your presence

following the night;
For very, very early we
beheld so grand a sight:
that lunar wonder in eclipse
low in the western sky!
The grace of Your creation, Lord,
to entertain the eye!

To entertain the eye and cause
the deepest wonder pique!
For You amaze us every day,
but this sight was unique!
So rarely in a lifetime one
may catch a sight like this!
O thank You that, though early, Lord,
Your works I didn't miss!

And now, here in the very early,
we behold once more
You creating one more day,
your very loved ones for!
We love You back, o Great Creator!
There is none like You!
Thank You for the reality
of knowing You anew!"

In this part of the world, we had a lunar eclipse early this morning.  This one, they say, was quite rare indeed.  I barely understand the scientific terms for this one event, but I fully understand the glory of God's handiwork on display...right before our very eyes! 
You didn't see it??  Well, there is plenty of time left today to behold a vast amount of His creation.  All it takes is a little bit of your time.  It's very well worth it!

Monday, January 29, 2018


"Here I stand before Your people,
(not just one or two!)
They are expecting to hear words
that I receive from You!
They know it may be something I
have hidden in my heart...
they think I tap the memory
to make these verses start.

But God, it's not time for that now,
I need Your words anew!
I've pencil and I've paper here-
just show me what to do!
What do YOU want these words about?
What would YOU have me say?
What is there to record to help them
on the narrow way?

Here I stand, Lord; here am I
availed to You alone.
I would that YOUR great wisdom,
Your great insight, Lord, be known!
I'll not recite the memorized,
but wait afresh for You;
as that which YOU bring forth will say
what we must surely do!"

I stood at the pulpit and cried out those words as He reminded me about what I had become dependent on.
God gave us His Word to know what to do and say whenever.  God blesses some with words of wisdom to share with folks and encourage them in what to do and when.  God blesses this man with words of wisdom...words of encouragement...words of knowledge, etc.  But this man has/had become reliant upon MY memory...Myself.
"Father, please forgive me!  Thank You for this reminder.  And I promise that it is ALL for YOUR glory, and when You want me to speak or write, You will reveal that to me then and there.

In JESUS' Name,

No Contest!

"You are the very ultimate!
For there is none like You!
You reach down and You raise us up
so we behold Your view!
Too long has been our outlook with
not too much to enjoy,
but Jesus Lord, You raise us up,
Your mercies to employ!

Your mercies to employ!
Your mercies to employ!
You even smile at us, making
us to each enjoy!

You are the very ultimate,
there NEVER be another!
You grant sweet glimpses of that time
when ALL be known as "brother!"
We glimpse them just enough to make us
press on in Your strength;
You assure us we can make it there
no matter what the length!

No matter what the length...
no matter what the length...
We KNOW that we shall see Your glory
as You grant us strength!

You are the very ultimate--
we see You with the heart!
Jesus, You are coming back
and, in You, we've a part!
You have a part in us, as well,
as we press on to You!
Come quickly!  Yea, come quickly, oh
ye blessed rendezvous!!"

As we daily behold this life trying to outdo itself every time it turns around, we cling to the truth that GOD has already done the greatest, and there is no way, no reason or rhyme to attempt to outdo Him!  Just ACCEPT Him!  Cling to Him with all you are and abandon that daily contest that so wears you out!!  God has already accomplished it, and there will be no other.

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Darkness?  Feel like you're all alone?  No one to talk with?  No one to listen to you?  Just look up...

Upon a hill, beneath the stars
with 'city' far away,
I revel in the masterpieces
God has on display!
Nothing to affect the darkness
and the lights that come:
planets, stars and constellations--
glory be the sum!!

Find this location often and
behold His Presence real!
Creations that the light of day
would outshine and conceal.
For in the glory of the night
in quiet and in calm
you can count the many 'lights'
He holds inside His palm!

O what peaceful time in a place where nothing is visible...lest you look up!

When you feel like or it seems that your life is total darkness, LOOK UP!  Call out to God, creator of every shining thing in the sky, and He will bring His Light to wherever You are!
Yes, He loves you THAT much!
Sure, He made the stars to behold in the dark of night, but He never intended that darkness to be inside of you.
Yes, He loves you THAT much!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Press on yet!

Once in a while, each of us must STOP!  We must look inward and keep check on our motives, emotions and outlook.

"As I attempt, the world about me, please,
Your very love--it brings me to my knees!
It causes me abandon such a lie!
All bribery and falsehoods to defy!

As I attempt, the Word of God, to live,
the tools to do so You so freely give!
You make me to desire all Your ways,
and cover with a canopy of praise!

As I attempt?  But efforts do not earn!
You gift me mightily do I so learn!
No efforts of my own to gain Your grace-
as You are here, and I am in embrace!

I shall not seek to please a dying place!
I will stand firm as I look in Your face!
And victory will come to me for sure
because You have enabled me endure!"

It's a battle.  But it is not OUR battle!  The battle belongs to the Lord...AND HE'S ALREADY WON!  WE have already won!

We must still press on until He tells us otherwise, but we do not press on alone, and we do not press on empty-handed!

Friday, January 26, 2018

What if...

What if the answer doesn't come
before more time is gone...
What if His answer is "Not yet..."
will you continue on?

What if the money's gone before

all of the bills are paid?
Will you then have the patience to
behold His hand displayed?

What if the pain won't go away
when you and Jesus talk?
At His every word from then
will you be prone to balk?

Tough questions.  Painful questions.  REAL questions.  And if you are looking for some real answers in this poet's words, you're probably only going to find suggestions...and HOPE!  For even I must still sometimes ask hard questions.  Things don't always happen in my life the way I think they should...the way I think HE should!  But He ALWAYS answers!
Keep praying.  Keep asking.  Keep hoping and believing!  JESUS NEVER FAILS!  And His timeline is something not one of us can fathom!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


I am a child of the King.  I have God's Own Word to direct my path.  I have His voice as a constant guardian and guide.  I still must remind myself

I am situated in
a place that He has made.
A position spiritual,
and seldom it's "displayed."
I've intimacy with God Himself,
that is like not another;
that which we partake of, it be
closer than a brother.

I have a choice but every day
in every situation:
to do things in my selfish ways
or trust in that relation.
His ways--they are above my own,
and He knows what is best!
For I must know submission and
I know we will be blessed!

BECAUSE of opposition, I
am led in righteousness;
I want to know His thoughts and ways,
lest, surely, I regress!
I'll lower not myself unto
the enemy's bane ways,
but I will cling unto HIS heart,
so HE receives all praise!

A very Narrow Way it is...but it's not an impossible way! 
You can't feel Him leading you?  ASK!
You don't know which way to go?  ASK!
You don't know who you are in Christ?  ASK!
He is more than willing to talk to you and remind you of these wonderful promises!
Surely He wants to hear your voice...often!...but there is a whole Book of these wonderful reminders and promises!  It is called The Bible.  And He expects you to read it quite often!  It is full of hope, joy and wonder!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Call it SIN!

But the world calls it other things!  To some, it's just part of 'business..." to others, it is a way of still others, it is expected of them because of ________...  All excuses.

As I attempt, the world about, to please,

Your very love--it brings me to my knees.
It causes me abandon such a lie!
All bribery and fraudulence defy!

As I involve myself with life so vast,
but say, what kind of shadow will I cast?
How shall this man be known unto all?
But greater--what name will my Father call?

And as I ponder choices that abound,
to God I cry that, guiltless, I be found!
Too many means to cause this man to fall;
thus, constantly, unto Him, I must call!

The older I get...the more advanced this world gets...all the more opportunities to commit even the most minor sin.  The longer I live, the more this world turns a blind eye to those things once considered SIN!  To One, however, they are still considered matter who I am, how old I am or what position I may hold!
"...lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil," regardless what the world's standards may be.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Refill again!

Truly, we are in this world.  We are not, however, OF this world!  Too, being IN this world can take a lot out of us.  However, God provides so many opportunities to fill back up and be ready and available for Him!

Again to the retreat.
Like-heart, like-minded meet.
We worship and receive
from Whom we do believe!
The songs so elevate
and draw to Him--so great!
No greater such retreat
to make the day complete!

Again to the retreat

where ALL are free to meet!
And them that are not here?
O compel them "Come ye near!"
No issue to prevent.
On ALL God's love be spent!
He draws them through our life
that they may escape the strife!

How blessed, this retreat!

With exuberance, so greet!
Treasure what you receive
from Christ Whom we believe!
But share the same so free!
You are a tool to be
inside of His great hand
to help ALL understand!!

How beautiful it is to gather with those who desire to seek more of God!  Of a truth, all it takes is to call out His Name wherever you are, but there is something beautiful and special that happens when we gather in one accord!  Enjoy it, because life is not always in that same accord outside of this place!


Saturday, January 20, 2018


Have you ever been in a meeting or a situation where the atmosphere seems like you could cut it with a knife?  I am not one of those types very often, as I can usually find a way to diffuse it and keep the conversation flowing.
However, I was in a room the other day with about ten people, and I had to escaped to my "pad..."

In a room with others,

yet feeling all alone;
seeking conversation--
no intercourse be known!
The only thing communicated
be pure attitude!
Speaking, on occasion, lest
the view be misconstrued.

In a room with others...

Or is silence what is needed
in this place for now?
I must rely on godly wisdom
to know what to do;
I must call on the Holy Ghost,
this atmosphere renew!

What do you do if you are in one of those meetings?  Play on your phone...doze off...find something to read? 

What if that gathering is with your own friends?  With your own family?  How do you escape then? 
Perhaps, the greater question be "What does God have me here to do or to learn?"
THAT'S a painful question.  Perhaps an even more painful answer?

First off...

Early again.
The day is so very bright as the sun rises over the hills.
What will your day contain?

The glory of the sunlight starts my day!

What shall be on the straight and narrow way?
I have plans and ideas for each hour,
but God has plans, and He's the greatest power!
As life beholds the brilliance of His light,
He is revealing part of this day's plight;
but one thing different about my Closest Friend--
He, too, can see and know the very end! 

I rest in knowing that He sees it all.
I boldly go, then, following His call!
I follow Him because He knows what's best,
and I know, along the way, I will be blessed!

It's early in the day.
Some already have the day planned and know exactly what they want to do...but will those plans happen exactly as planned?
Others know very little about what they will do.  But both may cry out "Lord, not my will but Yours be done."
Whichever you are, take time to include Jesus and enjoy Him along the way!  He is right there beside You!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Living in the "times" that are

"The days are evil."
We hear that from almost every minister we hear.  There ARE good days, but are the days we are in any more evil than the days that were?

But now it seems, more than before,

more than in time at all,
the Lord must undergird due many
opportune to fall!
Temptations are at every hand,
(and growing more each day!)
but stalwart be that same command:
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Jesus Christ--blest sustenance
in situations all!
Sweet Word, so living, so alive,
against naught shall befall!
The days that are--but be they worse
than were the days before?
But greater be the opportune

to bow before the whore!

Blest Jesus--our Redeemer and
Protector from the day!
But stay the path He has you on--
the Straight and Narrow Way!
And time--it will get better not
until that Trumpet Blast!
O stay in The Word, stay The Course
until you breathe your last!!

Life goes on.  Time goes on.  Life may change its course on you, but time will not change at all.  It will continue until God says otherwise!  The "times" may change, but that usually is not for our benefit.
"Make the most" of the time allotted you in this life?  No.  Do the best you can for His glory and the benefit of others in the time allotted you in this life!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Even though it's cold...

Look around.

Day is here--I choose to celebrate!

The melting snow and ice--they look so great!
The beauty of the makings of His hand
reveals how little I to understand!
But I understand such beauty is from God!
He does so much that makes me to applaud!
He gives me sight for to behold His grace
that He creates so freely every place!

Day is here--rejoicing is a choice!
I do so as I freely lift my voice!
It comes with ease as I but look around
and see His sights and hear His hallowed sound!
O what a day!  I join Him at His task.
How is such glory?  O, but I don't ask!
I only savor as He walks with me
in fellowship--so wonderful, so free!

Day is here.
There are countless reasons to avoid it.  Ignore them!  We cannot avoid it anyway.  I know that it is often a struggle.  I know that it is often painful!  But more often than that, it is wonderful as we submit to Him and savor that which He has in store for us!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


What do you do when ultimatums are given and you are facing life-changing decisions?
Who do you turn to in those moments to seek counsel regarding such decisions?
I know the answer.  Do you?

"I promised I would love you

'for better or for worse.'
Such vow and such commitment
no heart could e'er 'rehearse!'
And no heart could rescind such vow
if valid be 'true love;'
but now be some demanding such
that few be aware of.
They stood beside us on that day
and vowed they would support.
'For better or for worse,' we said;
their blessing now falls short!
'In sickness and in health' now comes,
our love, though, would remain.
Those beside demand us 'part'
for their own selfish gain!

I promised I would love you--

I meant it then AND now!
For I must overcome the voices,
honoring God's vow!
I know that it is challenging--
'for better or for worse...'
Help me stand upon that promise and
not yield to ANY curse!"

I may know WHO to turn to, but I may not know what the answer will be.

One so very close to me is very sick and will need long-term care unless God intervenes.
Another, even closer, is being advised to leave the sick one so to maintain a quality of life.  God help them both.
And please pray for the ones that are demanding a parting of ways.  Selfish hearts can be so damaging and destructive!  

Monday, January 15, 2018

The Congregation

Life.  ABUNDANT life!  We have each other...we need each other...and it would probably shock us to find out how close that one is that is crying out...reaching out for what they may see in us!

The congregation gathers-
from every room they be.
Each would bring a testimony,
each a melody;
each to gather in His Name,
His glory and His grace;
each to demonstrate His love
in word and in embrace!

And the congregation gathers
to listen to His voice.
The Presence of His Holy Spirit
makes us to rejoice!
For He IS cause to gather, He is
cause to celebrate!
He is cause for us to focus
on His Word--so great!

The congregation gathers
for God's Word--so alive!
For He's already here!  We don't
wait for Him to arrive!
Adorn Him as you gather!
He is worthy of all praise!
Adore His glory Presence as
He shows, anew, His ways!

The congregation gathers. 
I had one ask me in town the other day what the point was in "wasting" so many hours at church.  Taken aback, I asked him why he thought that time is "wasted" there. 
"You sit there.  Sing.  Give money.  Listen to someone talk.  Go home."
I realized, as I heard his statement, that his words were completely devoid of life! 
I asked him if that was all he ever got out of church.
"I've never been to church, but I've seen it on TV."
Yes, such is a very wide open door!  I gave him our card and challenged him to "waste" his Sunday morning and join us.
Suddenly, he remembered that he was late to get somewhere.
Please pray for him!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Weather or not

Snowflakes this morning.
So beautiful to menacing to others.
But right now, early in the Ozarks, so peaceful.
So many plans did the day contain.  Some will go on...with those pressing through whatever the weather...some will be postponed, as those involved be concerned about the safety of others and themselves.  Still other plans will be attempted--at a lesser speed and a much greater concern!
In it all, God is fully aware and keeps watch upon us.
Whatever your plans be for the day--be they continued, postponed or done with great caution, make sure that you involve God in those plans!  For He creates this wonder, and whether the weather be a marvel or a menace, He is still in control and deserves our respect, allegiance and attention.
Yes, whatever the weather, God is God, He is still in control, He loves us and we are His heart's matter what happens.

Whether the weather is cold,

or whether the weather is hot,
no matter the weather, we'll weather the weather
whether we like it or not.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Time Spending

"Another week of God answering prayer."
Another week of telling folks what God has done in so many lives we know.  Which is very good!  But how much of that week have I spent in His Presence alone, talking...listening...glorifying...observing?

Walking with God once more, hand in hand.
I fathom things life cannot understand.
I know a love impossible to know.
And in His holy Presence do I grow!

Not always be there dissertation coarse.
So often laughter be in Our discourse!
Sometimes there is sweet silence in Our walk;
and, mostly, it is "ordinary talk."
That may be hard to grasp by learned men.
They are schooled--it must be complicated then!
Chosen wisely must be every word
for communication to be heard?

But I will walk, and God & I, we will converse.
No written prayer...naught to rehearse.
We laugh, We listen, We communicate;
and when We "part," I know the day be great!

I know that I am told to bring my requests to Him, to cast all my cares upon Him, to study His Word and know it in my heart, but I must also go to Him just to simply be in His Presence!  Such has value, too.  In fact, such is VERY necessary!  Make that time to simply visit with Father God in "casual" conversation.  He looks for that from all of His loved ones.

Friday, January 12, 2018


This life contains so many diverse situations and circumstances.  Do you only involve God when you get into one that is challenging?  I certainly hope not!

Situations--higher than any man?
How to solve them--such be in His hand.
I cannot change reactions of another;
nor can this man fully understand.
I must, however, stay in contact with Him
if I am to know success at all.
For if I take each situation on me,
there will be a point where I will fall!

Situations--He's aware of each one.

He has the perfect answer for them all.
Even though we fathom very little,
He still answers us whene'er we call.
So regardless of the situation facing,
do not ignore that line that is direct,
that line of prayer that we have with our Father;
whence come those answers we may not expect!

God is yearning for you to bring those situations to Him!  Of course He is already aware of it all, but He wants to hear it from YOU!  Just like any close relationship, love is certainly there, but it should be affirmed and reaffirmed often!  That's what God wants to hear from you.  And not just when you need or want something!  He desires to converse with you all day long...about everything!


Wednesday, January 10, 2018


In different stages of different parts of the different times of the year, there be life going on--life that may not have been as planned.  There is, however, at all times and in all places, One to Whom we may cling!

So gray the afternoon;
the stillness will end soon;
the peace that we all know
may be enrobed in snow!
And in gray to abound,
there's not color found.
And however be the day, 
One knows its every way!
For God is just as real
in what we want not feel.
Though 'weather' be converse,
His hope do we rehearse,
and such to drive us on
until the storm be gone!

Though gray the afternoon,
the negative ends soon!
And life will be restored
by Him Who we call "Lord!"

Sometimes, the sky above is not always blue and bright.  Often, it be filled with dark and fright!  The storm threatens. 
This writer could pen several verses about how beautiful and promising it is and the life that will abound after the storm, but it is not perhaps time for those words right now, as there be so much pain, loss and injury that is STILL happening!

But this writer will implore you to do all that you can do, let God do the rest, and CLING TO HOPE!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Soaring wings.
Implements that set us free.
"Come quickly, o Lord!"

Taking flight upon this glory day;
nothing to impede in any way!
The very awe and spectacle of flight!
So very deep within that great delight!!

But taking flight for to escape once more.

Above the pain and problems freely soar.
Knowing they cannot affect me here,
I savor this time--o so very dear!

Above predicament and paradox,
there be great freedom, and not any shocks!
Is any of this possible at all?
MOST CERTAINLY!  The Name of JESUS call!

Jesus Christ be our wings.
He may not cause those problems and diseases to go away immediately, but He WILL immediately provide so great a peace that will enable you to rise, perhaps even fly, above them while He takes care of them.
Please don't miss your flight!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Hope and more!

We have hope in victory!
We have hope in victory?
NO!  We are assured victory!!
Jesus Christ is That Hope and That Victory and He is ASSURANCE!

There is a hope that carries me

but all the day throughout.
Regardless what the day would hold,
I stand and do not doubt!
I can do this because I'm a
possession of The King!
He's MORE than hope, and I know He
takes care of everything!

There is a hope that is residing

with HIM to reside!
It's deeper than mere 'feeling' and
it never will subside!
So opportune the obstacles
that seek to hinder me,
oh, but that Hope so very sure
sees what I cannot see!

Yes, there is a hope that's certain and

He's in complete control!
His love for ALL is perfect and
He even saves the soul!
Oh, cling ye, one and all unto
this Hope that I have found,
and see, in your own life, the blessings
to be surely found!

Where is your hope?

WHO is your hope?
He desires to be the Living Hope that you trust in and rely upon constantly!  Yes, even you!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

"Guard my lips!"

Whoa!  What a challenge!
But such was the challenge from the pulpit this morning.
Is it possible?  Of course it is, lest the task would not be given us!  But for this writer, it will take great effort!

How often does this man complain
without a second thought?
When I'm in conversation, what be
subjects that are wrought?
Even the most private words
with those few very near--
is my verbiage edifying,
or does my mouth smear?

Too challenging a challenge,
Too only utter grace?
More healing and more wonderful
would then become this place!
Again, it's not impossible,
lest He would dare us not!
O pray for this man all the more,
a challenge have I got!

O the many opportunities(?) does this man have to complain, gripe, whine and spew forth that which be contrary to HIS desire!  An audience of hundreds, if not thousands, to hear or read something other than grace, hope and love.  A challenge?  Yes.  But greater the rewards for a heart filled with honor and edification!
Join me in this challenge!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Exuberant care!!

When I sat down at the desk this evening, I noticed a message from some very dear friends.  He was expressing concern about not being able to visit with us for our "morning fellowships" for the past few weeks  After describing four visits to that dental building in "Little Shop of Horrors," he turned each visit around and pointed out the goodness of God!
After describing ALL that, he took a few paragraphs to express their concern for Debby & I and suggest ways that they could help.  Not just "How are you guys doing?" but "How can we help?  What can we do?"

How flippant has myself become  
in ordinary talk?
My words be 'merely words' how oft
in my daily walk?
How often do I mean it when
I'm saying "How are you?"
Do I really seek the answer
from a heart so true?

How dangerous have I become
by saying "I belong!"
For if I will not give my heart
then I am surely wrong!
As a representative
of Jesus Christ above,
I must make certain every word
is filled with truth and love!

Thank you, Lee.  Tonight's little letter from you guys contained words that really went deep.  In your words, I realized how petty some of my "problems" are, and reaffirmed, yet again, Who is in control of all of them!
"God, forgive me!"

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Word for a friend

'Tis the season! 'Tis the season??
I will love you. I will listen to you. I will pray for you.  But when there are things in your life that YOU have to do, you must do them because no one else can!  Your friends will do their part...God will do His part...but you must do yours.

So many are the issues in my life.

So abundant be the stress and strife!
I differ not from others, this I know;
and "through" this pending valley must I go.
There are decisions I don't want to make...
There are roads I do not want to take!
The sooner, though, that I get on the path,
the sooner disappear frustrating wrath.

The path ahead is somewhere I've not been.

However, it is one I must begin.
For God will do His part as I do mine.
He sees it all, and He is so divine!
I must trust Him more than I trust friends.
He will forgive, provide, and He will cleanse.
That which I know I must leave all behind,
and, to the plan that HE has, be resigned.

There are so many people in my life that love me.  That does not excuse me from doing what must be done.

Jesus is in my life and He loves me more than all those people!  But He still expects me to do what He is leading me to do.
I have no idea what it will be like in that place, but it must be better than this or He would not lead me there.
Please pray for me, mine every step!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Your Touch

The touch of God.
Those familiar with it desire to NEVER be without it!  Those to whom it be foreign be yet unaware of the wonder of it.  The wonder of HIM!

"So holy and so mighty,
regardless time or year!
Of Your awe and spectacle,
but time can't interfere!
We see the Majesty and Glory,
(we who look for such!)
and as we contemplate creation,
Lord, we feel Your touch!
We feel Your touch and know that You
retain complete control...
we feel Your touch and know that, such,
it makes life to be whole...
we feel Your touch and know we are
protected in the fray...
That Touch for to encompass as
we follow on The Way!

So holy and so mighty,
so tangible and true;
oh God, we place our confidence
and trust in only You!
You were the God, the One true God,
You are and You will be!
Our Everything will You remain
throughout eternity!"

The touch of God.  Learn of it.  Seek it.  Know it.  Pursue it!  For it becomes more valuable and endearing the older you get.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Again, the GOODNESS of God comes to mind and heart as I sit at the keyboard.  Another "season" of celebrating Jesus is behind us, but the "constancy" of celebrating Him never ends!

Blessings come to visit us-
we celebrate, then they leave...
but blessings of the visits we,
yet constantly, receive:
the laughter with the grandkids as
they open gifts and play...
the heart-talks with the grown-kids
that live too far away!
The fellowship, discussions,
the time with God above...
and that which ties it all together:
genuine true love!

Blessings come to visit us,
and those who visit yet.
Each of them a precious gift,
from Father God, we get!
Those gifts manufactured and
obtained in any way,
are secondary to the "presence"
only time can pay.

So grateful to God for the precious time spent together on holidays...on ANY days!  Sure, it may cost sacrifice...but it will produce memories that certainly outweigh the costs.  And we continue to celebrate Jesus and the goodness of God!