Monday, December 25, 2017

"Yea, but...."

In our quest for more of God through ancient men and their texts, let not said search draw us away from His holy text: The Bible!
I was having lunch at the store the other day, and a man struck up a conversation with me.  In the conversation, he asked me if I had read any of __________________'s works from the 14th century.  In turn, I asked him if he ever read The Bible. 
"Of course.  Many years ago!" said he.
"Many years ago?  But don't you know it is a living Being and it's truths come alive afresh every time you read it?"
Suddenly, he remembered an appointment and had to leave.

So many are the pages come alive every time!
God telling His Own story--into His lap we climb!
Why do we find excuses often, saying "Later on..."
No reasons...just excuses...and "Later" is quickly gone!

So valuable to be that version most folks own.
How many have worn the pages of their very own?
How many even part the pages and know what's said?
How many hear such queries and react with dread?

The Holy Bible--valuable and so alive!
No other book to help assure you will arrive
in the Heaven that awaits, and Jesus waiting there!
O learn the life in each page and so very freely share!

Yes, there are myriads of volumes of words out there for us to absorb.  Some are quite valuable.  Some are absolutely essential.  But let us make sure that we invest as much time and effort (if not more) into the MOST essential: The Bible--God's Holy Word!

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