Wednesday, December 20, 2017

When You're Alone

Here we are in the heart of the Christmas season--family... friends...JESUS...gatherings... all so wonderful and memorable!  But what of those so near us with no family or friends around to share this wonderful time with?
That doesn't concern you?!  It should!

And so, when I am all alone
and all my friends are gone;
as lonely as the dark of night
seeking out the dawn,
looking all around me,
realizing no one's there,
a voice comes falling on my heart--
for He has come to share!
For in all of my loneliness
I never am alone!
For when all of my friends are gone,
Someone leaves His throne;
lowering Himself, He comes
to be with me awhile,
and causes solace, hope and joy
to, with me, reconcile!

I don't know what this man has done
that would deserve this so,
that would allow me to, so freely,
all His blessings, know!
Regardless, though, He is in me
and so am I in Him,
and that allows me to have hope
whenever life is dim!

So ponder this: when you're alone
and you think no one's there,
if you will open up to Him,
He will, so freely, share!

It's Christmas again.  That wonderful time of the year!  But not for those of you with no one to spend it with.  Whoever you are and wherever you are, don't forget that there is a Presence more wonderful than any other: JESUS CHRIST!  Just say His Name and He will be right there with whatever you truly need.  He owns it all.  He does it all.  HE LOVES YOU!

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