Tuesday, December 19, 2017

What a Gift!

As I ponder how close we are to Christmas, my heart reflects on just how grateful I am FOR Christmas, and the many benefits of having Jesus Christ residing in my heart!

Isaiah 12:
"I will praise You all the day,
regardless of this place!
Regardless of my situation,
You respond with grace.
And even if you're angry with me,
wrath is turned away,
and there I find Your loving arms
to be my very stay!

In the daily life of living
issues come and go.
Intelligence and common sense
react so very slow!
Yet, even in the mess I make
of what to say and do,
I look around and realize
I'm still embraced by You.

O God of my salvation,
I trust and do not fear.
I cling to You, Lord, even when
my sight becomes unclear!
I celebrate Your Presence in
my heart, my soul, my day;
and reassure my word to follow
on the Narrow Way!"

Christmas is closer.  So!  What does that have to do with the verses He just gave me?  EVERYTHING!  Jesus is Life.  Life is come to us through Christmas!  And though I often screw up in this life, I have Life within me Who understands and helps me do better next time.
CHRISTMAS--Jesus, mercy, grace, healing and understanding!  What a Gift!

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