Thursday, December 7, 2017

Uncommon sense

It's Christmas.
We rush here and there to get someone something that they will probably return. In many places we see, out of the corner of the eye, what we pretend not to see...

"Until my heart is broken, Lord,

with that which breaks Your own,
how can it be that I've matured,
how could it be I've grown...

Until I love and embrace the one
without a place to live,
how can I say I know Your heart,
and thus be free to give?

Until I truly care about
that one who says 'I'm gay,'
how can I even claim I'm Yours,
Your character to display?"

I do not have to love their lifestyle,
but I must love them.
For if I do but any less
they will not witness HIM!
Compassion and not hatred...
joy and not offense...
God loves ALL just like He loves us--
so use uncommon sense.

Christmas.  It's the season of giving.  But the gifts that most want and require are far from "seasonal!" 
Some merely want the gift of others saying "Hello" to them, instead of looking the other way...
Some merely want the gift of a phone call from a friend or family member...
Some merely want the gift of someone sitting down with them and having a conversation...about anything!!

Too many people have the mindset that a "gift" must be something fancy and wrapped perfectly.  Not so!  For some merely want those gifts that really cannot be "purchased."  And, for a lot of people, those seem to be the hardest to give.

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