Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Winter Wind

The winter wind blows...'Tis the season.
In a lot of places, it is a very dangerous season.
In some places, it is a very painful season.
In most places, it is a very joyful season!  It is the season to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 
In the latter, they be accustomed to focusing on the joy of Him come! 
Can we not lay all else aside and focus on Him; giving gifts, as we are able, in His honor?

O lay aside the stress that seems
to build this time of year,
and see the Miracle that came
upon a midnight clear!

O rise above the underlay
that robs and steals from heart,
and cling unto the joy that sings

O gather ye as many as
are willing to amass,
and love and laugh, converse and sing,
neglecting any crass!

O celebrate, with truth of heart,
the Truth of Christmas time,
and so obtain the Greatest Gift
inside each heart to chime!!

The winter wind blows.  May each of us be sure that such a wind is not coming from within us.  O that there be this time set aside to honor Jesus, invest time in one another, and to adorn one another with HIS gifts.
There is plenty of time afterward to "spend" on lesser issues and less important things.

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