Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Designer

Another day arrives.
You did so much yesterday that you can scarcely recall it all!  Really?  Is that the way life was designed?

So very much life happening,
so much of time to take.
Each day, decisions critical
this man must surely make:
To set aside that time with God
with naught to interfere?
It can be MUST be done
that life continues clear!

Time must be spent there at the job...
time with blest family...
time devoted to my wife-
such blessing unto me!
Time with church and family there...
time for life's issues real...
but in it all, there MUST be time
for God with want and zeal!

The day begins with agenda-
and God, He understands.
Put Him atop that list and know
success--it surely lands!
He will escort you all the day-
and grace and favor find!
O keep Him at the head of life
the way that He designed!

Life goes on.  For some of us, at a greater and greater speed each day!  But that does not excuse us from that personal, private time to refuel with Almighty God Himself!
He made the day for you to be with Him and succeed, not to set records getting as much done as you can!

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